Optical Illusions..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

lets check this out!!

1. All lines in this figure seem like to bent right? 

Actually there are straight and parallel to each other

2. Old woman or young lady?

3. Which centered dot is bigger?

both are in same size=)

4. A duck or a rabbit?                       

5. Find the lowest step of this stairs..

6. how many black dot in this picture?

7.in figure below, it seems like line C should be connecting to line A..

Actually line C is connected to line B.

8. what you can see in this figure?

A face or the word 'liar'?

9. can you see a face staring at you in this picture?


Ozzys Blog said...

good posting bro, saya lihat garis itu bengkok, lalu itu gambar nenek tua, lalu itu sama besar lingkaranya, dan yang terakhir itu gambar kelinci kan?

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